Stay Connected & Perform at High Speeds,
No Matter Your Location

Stay Connected & Perform at High Speeds, <br />No Matter Your Location

Start Collaborating With Your Team
Whilst On the Move

Start Collaborating With Your Team <br />Whilst On the Move

Take Advantage of Emerging Technology
Ahead of the Curve

Take Advantage of Emerging Technology <br />Ahead of the Curve

Our Services

Telephony Solutions

From small telephone systems right through to a fully integrated interface, businesses can make sure they have a competitive advantage with DXP.

Broadband and Internet

DXP work closely with our customers to make sure they receive a service tailored to their business to ensure top speeds and the most robust security.


DXP has partnered with some of the leading wireless suppliers in the UK to offer the very best solutions in speed, reliability, security and compliance.

Site to Site Connectivity

DXP offer a range of connection options, whether it’s via Wide Area Networks (WAN), Ethernet Point-to-Point, Ethernet VPN or Leased Line solutions.

Unified Comms

By implementing Unified Communications (UC), organisations can consolidate their communication in a cost-effective way with DXP.

Contact Centre Solutions

DXP offer flexible solutions for your contact centre whether that is via an integrated system or an intelligent telephone system.

Info on Hold

Promote your business, to your target audience, through your telephone system!

Remote Working & Disaster Recovery Services

Number Manager

Number Manager is our call management portal, giving you full control of where your calls are routed, instantly. Find out more...

Agent Ready

Agent Ready is a mobile & web app that works alongside Number Manager to allow remote workers to log themselves in and out of hunt groups, and allows them to decide when and where their calls are sent. Find out more...

"The senior leadership team make themselves available and bring the latest industry ideas to the table. They keep me and our organisation ahead of the curve."

Carl Rolph

"DXP have a team of subject matter experts and depth of experience that makes them the ideal technology partners."

Geoff Newnham

"DXP is an organisation that puts customer relations at the forefront of everything they do. I trust them to deliver the results they promise - every time."

Tony Healy

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