Best Cloud Call Center Software for your Calling Center

So, you want to setup or expand your calling centers with cloud call center software - Manchester

Problems With Most Call Center Software


Takes Forever

Many call center software systems take weeks to months to get up and running, and are way too hard to scale (especially if you have multiple locations)—or are way too expensive (with massive PBX systems)


Too Hard

Most well-known, but old legacy calling center systems are way too complex—hard to learn, hard to use and hard to integrate


Missing Features

Other non-cloud contact center systems are not keeping up and missing the latest features like WebRTC, webchat, chat bots, open APIs and AI integration.


Too Expensive

And then there’s the price—of the capital expense of hardware (the CC or PBX alone is outrageous), the software, but also the integration and support

The Big Question

So, how do you setup a next generation call center in Manchester, or expand an existing one quickly, plus easily spin up your team, using the absolute latest technologies, so you can better sell your product—all at a cost within reach?

Perhaps you should consider…



Recognized as one of the world’s best world-wide call center software applications by global brands:

Cloud Call Center Software for Calling Centers

International Awards include:

  • “Endeavor Entrepreneur” – International Selection Panel, Miami USA
  • “Best SaaS Cloud Service Provider” – EuroCloud, Europe
  • “Great Startup” – Best Technology Startup, UK
  • “Cloud Innovation Worldcup” – WINNER, New York, USA
  • “Best Technology Startup from Anatolia” – Great Startup Competition

Best Call Center Solution in Manchester

There are four MAIN reasons to consider Call Center Studio

  1. World’s FIRST Call Center built on Google
  2. One of the MOST Full-Featured – Enterprise Grade
  3. The Absolute EASIEST to Use
  4. Price Performance LEADER

Let’s consider each of these in detail.

1. World’s FIRST Call Center Built on Google

Call Center Studio is infinitely scalable (multi-location, multi-language (feels like ONE call center—not multiple), multi-tenant, is incredibly stable, and has built-in WebRTC (turning any Chrome browser into a calling machine). Features include…

One of the BEST Infrastructures

  • Multi-Tenant. The Google system allows multiple companies to share high-end resources while insuring your data is invisible to other tenants, reducing your cost, plus enabling system-wide updates and upgrades automatically.
  • WebRTC. Google’s WebRTC protocol (Web Real Time Communication) enables you to make and receive calls with a Chrome browser without plug-ins or a unique phone line. This allows you to add a user in seconds (local or remote)—without paying for more phone lines or expensive PBX equipment.
  • HTML5 Platform. Operates on the HTML5 platform, making it easy to use the system on a mobile or desktop platform.
  • Incredibly stable. Includes one of the industry’s highest uptimes. Realizing 99.999999999% annual durability—critical when you have an entire team dependent on your system.
  • Infinitely Scalable. Multi-location, multi-language (feels like ONE call center—not multiple). Can expand with unlimited storage that can be accessed worldwide and scaled up or down on demand. Plus, you don’t have to pay for excess capacity when it is not always needed.

One of the MOST Secure.

Google Cloud adheres to recognized international security and privacy standards with layered system and physical security is built into all services and infrastructure to keep your data protected. In addition…

  • Fraud Detection. A 24/7 security team is always working to quickly detect, resolve, and notify parties of security incidents using industry best practices.
  • Co-location Redundancy. Multiple data-center regions and zones across the globe help ensure strong redundancy and availability of data to ensure your system is always available.
  • Secure Sign-on. Strong controls are in place to limit access to trusted personnel.
  • Email & SMS Verification. Email addresses or mobile phone numbers automatically verified by sending a mobile verification code and for email, a verification link.
  • 100% Audio Encryption. Security measures ensure the authenticity, integrity, and privacy of audio data, including encryption while in transit, at rest and in use, and while securely stored.
  • Number Masking--GDPR compliant. The system helps identify sensitive data like credit card numbers, social security numbers, names and other forms of personally identifiable information (PII), then de-identifies the data to protect sensitive data.

One of the BEST Reporting.

You get one of the best reporting modules in Manchester with a dynamic dashboard, real-time, graphical reporting and native Google Data Studio with detailed analytics. Including…

  • Activity Dashboard. Allows you to measure KPIs to meet efficiency and quality metrics and monitor overall call center performance in real-time.
  • Built-in Google BI & Analytics. Make your data easily accessible, readily available, and most importantly, useful to your business with the Google Cloud BI (Business Information) and reporting tools.
  • Real-time Reporting. You will have fast insight into critical data to help make decisions about trends and areas that may need urgent attention.
  • Contact History Reporting. Access your data to track specific activities for agent activity, inbound/outbound calls, service levels, queue times and more. Helps to identify trends, training tracks, top agents and targeted KPIs.
  • Graphical Reporting. Provides you with enhanced visual reports using charts or graphs to make report data more usable. Can be used in dashboards and reports for fast insight into your data.
  • Integrated Wallboard. Works on any HTML5 monitor, TV or projector.

2. One of the MOST Full-Featured - Enterprise Grade Call Center Software in Manchester

Call Center Studio is one of the industry’s most robust call center software applications. It is a leader with the most calling features, is one of the best at call distributions and outbound calling—with power and usability features that are seldom seen within any price range.


MOST Calling Features.

Includes more calling-specific features than any other major cloud call center systems. Includes common features like predictive outbound dialing, agent-to-agent calling, que callback, intelligent and request routing, plus more…

  • Computer telephony integration (CTI). Allows data collected from telephone systems to be automatically used as input data where needed—reducing time for manual input and allowing more calls.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Allows incoming callers to self-select their department or person—speeding department selection and reducing live switchboard calls.
  • AI, TTS, Speech Recognition (ASR). Leverages the Google platform and gathers information from the caller then routes the call to the most appropriate destination. It can reduce the number of agents, supervisors, trainers and quality assurance specialists that are needed within the call center.
  • Multi-language Speech Recognition. With Google Cloud, all the telephony infrastructure, speech recognition, speech synthesis, natural language understanding and orchestration are built-in and intelligently managed for you automatically. This means you won’t need to stitch together multiple services to build a multi-language call center.
  • Queue Manager. You can prioritize incoming calls with welcome messages and an IVR menu that helps direct your caller to the best agent. Music and customized position announcements can be set up while callers are in queue.
  • Voice Recording. All calls can be recorded, easily accessible, and stored for an unlimited time providing you critical audit documentation and a valuable management and training tool to coach your team.

One of the BEST Systems for Outbound Dialing

  • Priority Preview Dialing. Provides your agents with the vital and relevant information for their next call before it's dialed—allowing them to preview account details to better personalize their approach.
  • Inbound/Outbound Blended Calling. Optimizes agents’ time as they are seamlessly directed to make outbound calls when incoming calls are slow—ensuring agents remain reactive or proactive and helps maximize your call center’s efficiency.
  • Progressive Dialing. Connects agents only to calls answered by a live person—increasing the prospecting efficiency ratio (calls to contacts) and maximizing the use of each agent’s time.
Call Distribution
Best Outbound Dialing

One of the industry’s BEST Integrations.

Leveraging the Google Cloud Platform, Call Center Studio provides some of the smoothest integrations with popular CRMs, payment and ERP platforms, including integrated Google Speech, an open API, and more…

  • Built-In Integration with Google Speech API. All speech functions are fully integrated and managed for you automatically.
  • Google Dialogflow.
  • Open API for quick integrations. Allows for easy provisioning of cloud hardware, software, and platforms. Channel API is used to provide real-time information to supervisory dashboards, like the number of pending calls, longest waiting time, and average speed of answer--allowing you to deliver dozens of personalized metrics to hundreds of dashboards with very few lines of code.
  • CRM Integration. Integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce, Siebel, SugarCRM, Zoho, Zendesk, Mi4Biz, G Suite, Microsoft Dynamics and others. The Channel API populates customer-specific information on a call center agent’s user interface automatically, enabling the agent to focus on the conversation, not the software.
  • CRM/ERP, Payment Platform Integrations. Fast and easy third-party software integration for enterprise and ecommerce needs.
  • UCaaS Integration. Unified Communications work seamlessly with your call center and can integrate seamlessly with existing communications providing management for calls, IMs, web chats, and sms.

3. The Absolute EASIEST Call Center Software

Unlike other systems in Manchester which can take weeks or months to setup you can have a full featured, enterprise ready call center up and running in as little as 10 minutes.

The FASTEST Setup Time.

Takes as little as 10 minutes to setup an enterprise call center! Making it simple to scale up or down with little delay.

  • Easy to Use. Anywhere that has Internet can be a call center. WebRTC allows you to reach your prospects anytime from anywhere.
  • Easy to Administer. Customizable supervisor screens & dashboards with detailed call center & performance management tools that include advanced reporting and analytical tools to track agent productivity.
  • Easy to Scale. With Call Center Studio, built on Google, your system is Infinitely scalable up or down allowing for smooth adjustments during peak traffic times, days or seasons. Satellite offices or remote agents can easily function as one cohesive team.
10 minutes

4. Price Performance LEADER

Call Center Studio provides some of the industry’s most powerful features, has the easiest and fastest setup—all at a price within reach.

best value
  • MOST Affordable. There are no server hardware, additional software, maintenance or technical staff costs, providing the most affordable prices at the enterprise level. Uses a SaaS pay-as-you-go model with enterprise features that can scale (within minutes) to meet your needs (add a simple headset and affordable Chromebook and you’re set to go).
  • Less Time & Cost to Setup.
  • Lower Equipment Cost. With native Google WebRTC you also get more data integrations than almost any other product and don’t have expensive hardware systems.
  • Less training cost. Call Center Studio is undisputedly one of the easiest call center applications, so your training time (and cost) are minimal. Plus, there is NO support fee which includes chat, phone and online technical support.

Testimonials for Call Center Studio

  • “...activated our operations in 8 different locations, with all announcements, IVR, Integration and customization within 10 days.”
  • “…the new generation call center we are looking for.”

Picture This


Your Old Life

  • You need to setup a new call center. Your expensive call center consultant, army of IT and PBX specialist scout for a good location, you lease a big facility, sign up for multiple new phone lines, it takes weeks to order the specialized and heavy equipment, a month to get it setup—and a truck load of cash to get it to work. Ouch.

Your New Life

  • You pick up a few dozen affordable Chromebooks (or folks can “bring their own” if they are working remote), setup a decent Internet connection and update your Chrome browser (IT has to do something ;-).
  • You log into Call Center Studio, input a few settings, add some users, import your database (or link to your other pre-configured Call Center Studio system—for one continuous call center) and you are READY to rock!
  • It took 15 minutes (5 minutes longer since you had to read the initial instructions). Viola!
  • You now have one of the world’s most modern, sophisticated, yet easy-to-use enterprise level call centers!
chrome books

Life is good!!

chrome books

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