Instant Messaging & Audio, Web & Video Conferencing

Instant Messaging & Presence 

Getting hold of the right person at the right time can be a challenge. In busy organisations there’s no guarantee that the colleague you’re trying to call is anywhere near their phone – or even free to talk!

At the heart of good businesses is good communication. When key decisions need to be made it’s essential that colleagues can communicate quickly and effectively, no matter what location they are working from.

Instant messaging (IM) & presence functionality allows colleagues and customers both inside and outside of a user’s network to communicate by message or voice on any device.

Better still, presence functionality enables users to display exactly when they are available to connect. If they are busy users can put up a digital ‘do not disturb’ sign, minimising the time wasted trying to get hold of the right person.

Facilitating the rapid exchange of information, IM and presence ensures that your business can communicate with the right people at the right time.

Audio, Web & Video Conferencing

Maintaining travel time and costs can be a struggle for any business, particularly if your company is spread over a number of sites or if you frequently travel to meet with colleagues or clients.

With differing schedules and the ever increasing rise in remote working, it’s rarely possible for all members of a relevant party to be in the same place at once. However, audio, web and video conferencing allow businesses to connect freely and easily with their colleagues and customers as if they were in the same room.

No matter where in the world you are, implementing audio, web and video technology means that your business will always be connected. DXP offer solutions ranging from desktop-to-desktop video applications to virtual training, seminars and conferences through its enterprise communications solutions.

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